What Is the Cost of Hiring an Emergency Plumber in Calgary?

Emergency Plumber

Have you ever asked yourself how much Calgary emergency plumbers charge per hour? Don’t worry, you and other Calgarians are sailing in the same boat. By knowing what to expect to spend, especially if you can’t plan for a plumbing service or repair, you can manage your plumbing system, home, and budget.

What is regarded as a Plumbing Emergency?

Plumbing emergencies happen when homeowners need immediate repairs outside regular business hours. This can be during the holiday, on weekends, or late in the evening. Here are examples of emergency plumbing problems:

  • Floods – Flooding that burst pipes cause can be a serious issue if you ignore it. If water overruns your home, it may result in health concerns and damaged flooring and drywall.
  • Sewer lines backup –Sewer backups are biohazards and may endanger the health of your family. They can make raw sewage to channel through drains, making water smelly, unusable, and unsanitary. Call an emergency plumber in Calgary when this happens.
  • No running water –This is a major issue to many homeowners. Without water in your home, family will not be able to cook/prepare meals, take showers, and flush the toilet.

Factors Affecting the Costs of an Emergency Plumbing

All plumbing projects aren’t created the same way. Complexity of tasks can impact the skill and time required to finish them. For example, replacing simple faucets might need less skills and time compared to re-piping the whole house. More complex projects means the plumber will charge higher hourly rates. To expand on this, the kind of materials required can greatly affect the costs. Specialized and high-quality materials come at higher costs than standard ones. For instance, if you a project calls for specific types of fitting pipes, this may increase the final cost. In addition, tasks, which need specialized equipment or skills, like advanced techniques for detecting leaks or trenchless sewer repairs, command higher hourly rates because of the tools and expertise involved. Other factors include the time of the day and travel distance.

Average Costs

Many emergency plumbers charge an average rate of between $58 and $265 per hour. Expect to spend more than that for licensed professional plumbers. They cost between $105 and $175. But if you enlist the services of a handyman for less complicated tasks, you can spend about $55. Depending on the project, a plumber can charge you differently. Here are examples of projects and the expected costs:

1. Toilet Repairs

Half-filling toilet tanks and clogged toilets need immediate attention. Based on the scope of this project, it can cost you up to around $2,800.

2. Installation of Sump Pumps

Flooding in the basement is a common issue in the city. They damage the furniture and structure of basements. To fix this issue, a plumber will need to install the right sump pump. Depending on the model and type of the sump pump, expect to spend more than $5,900.

In conclusion, plumbers in Calgary are allowed to charge high hourly rates for emergency plumbing issues. Plus, depending on the distance and time of the day, you can also spend more on the emergency plumbing services.



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